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eNsemble. Pythian games. Highlights.
4 states of same
Melody. MEL CD 10 01056 (2 CD)

Guy Livingston. One minute more. DVD. 5.1 sound

OCCASION. Maria Fedotova
Astor Piazzola "Ave Maria", "Histoire du Tango",
version by Dmitri Kourliandski
Classical Records. CR-035
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Innermost man (2002)
performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Maria Bulgakova, soprano, Alexei Vinogradov, cond.
(10', size: 4,6 MB)

Resonant mass (2002)
performed by Slagwerkgroep den Haag
(9', size: 4,1 MB)

Artificial life-support machinery (2005)
performed by St.-Petersburg Chapell Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Sladkovski, cond.
(11'16", size: 5,3 MB)

Broken memory (2005)
performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
(9'32", size: 4,4 MB)

4 states of same (2005)
performed by eNsemble (St.-Petersburg), Boris Filanovski, voice, Fedor Lednev, cond.
(9'10", size: 4,2 MB)

DSCH. Recollecting the name (2005)
performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Alexei Vinogradov, cond.
(11'50", size: 5,4 MB)

Contra-relief (2005)
performed by Schoenberg ensemble, Reinbert de Leeuw, cond.
(14'45", size: 6,8 MB)

Lacrimosa [anatomy of pain] (part 2 only!) (2006)
performed by Natalia Pschenitschnikova, Dimitris Yalamas, KlangForum Wien, Teodor Currentzis, cond.
(9'34", size: 4,4 MB)

Happy mill (demo) (2007) !RapidShare Link!
performed by Duo Inventum
(15'16", size: 17,5 MB)

Negative Modulations (the clip is split into 2 parts) (2006)
performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Alexei Vinogradov, cond., Olga Kumeger, multimedia
(total time 13'48")

Surface (2007) for piano
Juan de Graaf, animation; Guy Livingston, piano
from the DVD "One minute more".

(total time 00'58")

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