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Performances and improvised music


L'envers du dehors
un solo chorégraphique pour un corps étendu
Conception, chorégraphie et interprétation : Anatoli Vlassov
Assistance à la chorégraphie : Julie Salgues
Scénographie et collaboration artistique : Mathieu Bouvier
Installation sonore (VibroDrum) et composition musicale : Dmitri Kourliandski
Développement technologique et l’interprétation musicale : Charles Goyard
Costume: Aurélie Kerbiquet
Régie son : Samuel Pajand
Administration : Sergio Chianca
Lumière : distribution en cours
~ 60 min.


Programme note
Previous performances
Feb. 20, 2013 - Vanves, France
15e Festival Ardanthé


Happy mill
interactive audio-visual fast-food performance
for chicken nuggets, French fries, carrot sticks, coca-cola, 4 female assistents, live electronics and video min. 17' (2007)


Demo recording by Duo Inventum
(13'45", size: 12,6 MB)

Programme note
Commissioned by Duo Inventum

The aim of the project is an attempt to realise the artist's place in the nowadays consumerized society. It is an attempt to cross the borders of an academic context through the experience of corporal and physiological aspects in music. The food itself and the digestion process serve as a common metaphor of the consumerism. The performance is an ironic commentary to these attempts.

There are three elements in the performance: 4 female soloists, eating standard fast-food menu, computer voice, counting the number of calories, and a musician, operating live electronics. The chewing process is amplified, the sound is split up by filters so as the food is split up during digestion. There is also a video projection of the zoomed soloists' mouths onto the walls. Before the performance the audience is served with food so as to listen through the "filter" of their own chewing process.

Previous performances
2007 Moscow, Russia
Culture centre DOM,
Duo Inventum
2008 Moscow, Russia
Moscow concervatory, Rakhmaninov hall
Duo Inventum


improvisation for instrumentalist(s) and live electronics (ad libitum). Duration - variable (2002)


Programme note

Previous performances


"Dmitri Kourliandski. An experience of the musical space desacralisation: ... "
"Dmitri Kourliandski. Another experience of the musical space desacralisation: ... " announces, 2001


Programme note
The two compositions represent announces of non-existent music. Meantime they are a kind of announces-parasites which absorb the following compositions of other authors into their context - they appropriate another's form, replacing its content with their own. Thus, the following compositions of other authors are not anymore independent authors' concepts, but found objects for the compositions-announces to parasitise on.

Previous performances
Nov. 25, 2011 - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
NoName Ensemble


Dmitri Kourliandski. Objective music
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couvkourliand1aPierre Roullier,
Omer Corlaix,
Dmitri Kourliandski,
Makis Solomos,
Jan Topolski,
Dmitri Bavilski

2010. 2E2M,
A la ligne. collection.
130 pages. French / English.

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