"A new and unortodox sound in contemporary music…"

"Kourliandski knows how to communicate his artistic ideas very convincingly..."

De Telegraaf (NL), 8 September 2003


"He knows what he wants…"

By ERNST VERMUELEN, NRC Handelsblad (NL), 9 September 2003


"…a piece for tuba, double-bass and bass-drum by Dmitri Kourliandski, a parody of stern instrumental utterances, served as another reminder of what is at stake."

By GEORGE LOOMIS, Financial Times (UK), 9 May 2001


"…Дмитрий Курляндский работает в специфическом направлении, его конек - сонористика, необычные способы звукоизвлечения…"

Русский журнал, 14 Октября 2003


"Highlights of the Aleph show included trumpeter Lutz Mandler's simultaneous performance on two alphorns (connected to a single mouthpiece) … and the pun and a grin of Dmitri Kourliandski's Pas d'action ("action step" or "no action" depending on how you choose to translate it)."

Paris Transatlantic Magazine, October 2004


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